Business Intelligence (BI) technology provides companies with powerful tools to analyze all facets of their business.  Madison Technology Group combines innovative analysis and reporting tools to glean valuable insights from structured and unstructured data.  Our BI consultants help you select, optimize and deploy an advanced analytics and data warehousing platform to help you dig deeper into your financial, operational, customer and supplier data.


Madison Technology Group will inventory and analyze all your data sources and determine the best way to deliver the required data to the user community, including mobile.  We will work with your data warehouse team to determine the best foundational architecture for sourcing, integrating, enriching and managing the data used for data analytics & reporting.  


The data analytics layer of BI allows companies to explore large volumes of data in unstructured and ad-hoc ways, looking for patterns, trends and opportunities across customers and suppliers.  Madison Technology Group has expert consultants familiar with your industry to analyze data in a way that provides deeper insights into opportunities.


The reporting layer of BI presents data in a meaningful way to a large spectrum of users who look at data differently.  Madison Technology Group will create intuitive reports, models, and dashboards to help our clients measure, monitor and improve business performance.



Lag and leakage in revenue streams is a growing issue in complex and competitive industries, especially telecommunications and cable.  Misaligned incentives, process integrity issues, interdepartmental delays, and various control weaknesses can result in millions of lost one-time, recurring and usage based revenue.  Through transaction monitoring, alarming, test routines, switch/CSR validation, trend analysis and other process metering techniques, we can detect and measure potential lost revenue and create action plans to improve revenue collection and/or timeliness. Our revenue assurance professionals have the ability to analyze the end-to-end business processes, from up front pricing, sales and provisioning through the billing, collections and customer service functions.  Our revenue stream analysis, monitoring and detection solutions assure you collect the targeted revenue for the services provided.

  • Order Accuracy (Lag & Leakage)
  • Billing Accuracy (Leakage)
  • Revenue Pipeline Reporting
  • Billed-Booked Verification


Madison Technology Group will help you define and manage the critical master reference data throughout your organization to provide a single point of reference and conformed definitions.  We go beyond the tools to ensure the policies, processes, governance, and standards are in place to manage master data efficiently.